The Best Room Colors Proven To Boost Your Mood

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Did you know that certain colors in your home can directly impact your mood and the moods of your guests? Our homes are safe havens and should offer a comforting space for us to reside. Whether you’re seeking a fun, bubbly house full of personality or a tranquil home that offers a private escape from the world, the right choice in color can make all the difference.

Joyful Yellows And Oranges

Warm-toned colors offer an uplifting positivity to the home. Reminiscent of a warm, summer afternoon, yellow and orange decor and wall colors are known to energize a space. If you’re one of the many homeowners that love to change out decor with the seasons, then consider these warm yellows and oranges for the winter months to contrast the cool, windy outdoors with a pop of positivity and cheer. 

Energetic Reds And Pinks 

Similarly to yellows and oranges, reds and pinks can instantly energize a space and offer a dynamic design. Softer tones of red and pink can make for a beautiful room transformation. However, it is important to keep in mind that vivid colors like red and pink can easily overwhelm a space. Instead of painting an entire room, consider a bold red accent wall or hot pink decor scattered throughout the space.

Relaxing Blues And Greens

On the other side of the color wheel, the cool blues and earthy greens offer a refreshing shift in the environment. January can be a dreary month as the last tendrils of winter struggle to hold on, and these beautiful hues can be a great way to boost your mood amidst the January grays. Blues and greens are perfect for homeowners who want to embrace outdoor living from the comfort of their homes. The cooler shades are calming, stress-reducing, and contemplative, while the brighter variations can be electrifying and invigorating.

Color theory offers the essential building blocks of home design, but remember that personal taste comes first. Once you know the rules of color theory, it’s easy to break them in fun and interesting ways. Contact Holly Loff for more exciting homeowner tips!

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